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Volume 5 2021 Confidence in Telemedicine: Women’s Attitudes and Norms toward Mail-Order Birth Control

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작성자 Rachel Griffith, Jin-Ae Kang 작성일 21-07-28 11:26
Telemedicine   e-health   women’s reproductive health   mail-order birth control   theory of planned behavior


With the framework of the theory of planned behavior (TPB), this study explores factors explaining the motivations of women to use mail-order birth control. An online survey was conducted with 603 women aged 18-44 from states in the southern and midwestern US.  Five in-depth phone interviews supplemented the numeric and verbatim data provided by the survey.  Our study finds that women with positive attitudes toward purchasing birth control online are more likely to use such a service.  Perceived norms also have a positive impact on their intention to purchase mail-order birth control. Women with prior experience of communicating with online doctors are more likely to order birth control online. However, women have mixed views on the advantages and disadvantages of online doctor-patient communication, insurance coverage, and the reliability of telemedicine. Previous strategies for promoting mail-order birth control have focused on reducing financial burdens or saving time. There is little to no research that addressed psychological factors that affect the purchase behavior of mail-order birth control. This study helps us better understand how women’s attitudes, subjective norms, and perceived barriers influence the use of mail-order birth control services.

doi: https://www.doi.org/10.22720/hnmr.2020.5.1.003