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Volume 4 2020 Communicating Zika at The Wake of The Epidemic : A Content Analysis of The U.S. Newspaper Coverage of Zika Virus

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작성자 Yiyi Yang 작성일 20-12-28 19:14
Zika Virus   Newspaper   Content Analysis   Framing Theory   Crisis Communication


Drawing on framing theory, this study examined U.S. newspaper coverage of Zika virus (ZIKV) at the wake of the epidemic in early 2016. Through a quantitative content analysis, this study examined the major themes, the tone, attributions of causes and solutions, potential health consequences, and source cited. The analysis revealed that the newspaper coverage of ZIKV predominantly incorporated a neutral tone rather than a negative one as suggested by the findings of previous research. The coverage imbued two competing themes - action-control and panic-fear, which indicated journalists’ parallel attention to both the risk-provoking and the risk-control aspects of the crisis. In addition, exaggerations about the health risks of ZIKV posed to humans were also identified. Theoretical and practical implications were discussed.