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Volume 4 2020 A Netnographic Assessment of a Laboratory Scientists' WhatsApp Group

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작성자 Silas Udenze 작성일 20-07-17 12:31
Netnography   WhatsApp   Social Media   Health   Communication


Adopting a qualitative methodology (netnography), this study explores the WhatsApp group experience of scientists in the Laboratory Service Department of Natic Hospital in Abuja, Nigeria. Based on interviews with ten scientists and the analysis of the archived comments of the WhatsApp group for four months (October 2019 – January 2020), the study found that the scientists of the department experience WhatsApp from diverse perspectives, including "cyberspace classroom," "formal learning," "affordability," and "convenience." The study found that a significant disadvantage arising from the use of WhatsApp is posting unwanted content. Nevertheless, this does not restrain its use as a considerable number of scientists admit to its potency in their work. Besides, this study revealed that there are two levels of determinants to using and joining the WhatsApp group: individualistic and organizational determinants. This study concludes that WhatsApp is effective in engendering health communication among scientists of the Laboratory Services Department of Natic Hospital.